Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are we doing this?
A. To reduce information asymmetry when negotiating job offers. Especially for candidates who may not be as well-connected as others to get this information.

Q. These numbers are crazy.
A. Note that we don't have a lot of data yet, so these numbers may not be representative. But we have checked (and rechecked) to make sure the numbers on the website are accurate.

Q. Is this only for the US?
A. No, offers are welcome from anywhere.

Q. Is this only for the companies/positions/levels listed in the drop down menus?
A. No, we will expand them as we get more offers from other companies, etc. Please spread the word!

Q. Is the equity listed in the table the entire initial grant?
A. No, it is divided by the number of years in the vesting period. So it is annual.

Q. Does the equity use the stock value at offer time or does it include stock appreciation?
A. Offer time.

Q. Can you add years of experience, demographics, etc.?
A. We considered these. But for now, while we don't have a lot of data, we don't want to add too many more attributes because that would make it easier to deanonymize the data.

Q. What is’ partnership with Rora?
A. Rora has contributed anonymized, verified compensation data for 75 offers to (with appropriate permissions) for this community to benefit from. We have worked with the Rora founders and believe in Rora’s mission.

Q. What data are you sharing with Rora?
A. Rora only has access to the data that’s publicly listed on the website, nothing else.